A guide to retire

Although our target group on our website and in our network is Retired but not yet Tired, we also have many people browsing our site for some reliable information about Retirement and all the topics that you will encounter.

RetireGuide is a wonderful resource you can …


Retirement should be a transition to meaningful, exciting work

Don’t call it retirement. Call it ‘transitioning to a new chapter’

  • As people begin to live longer after traditional “retirement” age, they need to find engaging, stimulating ways to continue to grow personally.
  • A study by University at Buffalo psychologists Todd Kashdan, Paul Rose and Frank Fincham concluded …


There is no place like home

Read up about this couple who have decided to stay where they have always been after their retirement. The article also gives some tips on what to do in your home if you decide to “age in place” . Read it all here


Great advice for us

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do just about everything. From buying groceries to talking to friends and family to finding out the latest news, the World Wide Web puts seemingly infinite possibilities right at our fingertips. However, along with all of the good stuff we love about the …