11 Stocks For Retirement Investing In 2012

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Long term goals for retirement investing haven’t changed despite gyrations in the stock market in recent years and they won’t change in 2012. The main objective for retirement investing is to grow investment value and a related income stream, preferably from increasing dividends. But in the last 12 years, it has been very difficult to earn what were once considered satisfactory rates of return.

At the end of 1999, the popular stock averages were near peak values. Then they sold off sharply, recovered with the Dow reaching a new record by 2007 followed by the market crash with the financial meltdown. Markets have recovered in the last three years. The beginning and ending values for three popular averages are shown below:


12/31/99 – 11,497

12/31/11 – 12,291, up 7%


12/31/99 – 4,069

12/31/11 – 2,625, down 36%

S&P 500

12/31/99 – 1,469

12/31/11 – 1,265, down 14%

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