Being old is a state of mind

News from the web: “It’s just a number, it’s how you feel,” said Wilson, a spry 82-year-old who teaches line dancing classes at a seniors recreation centre in Peterborough, Ont. “I had a heart attack 10 years ago and that didn’t hold me back at all.” To Wilson and many …


Baby Boomers Search for Second Careers

News from the web: Many baby boomers plan to keep working in some capacity after retirement. While some people will delay retirement because they need the money, others will take a job to ward off boredom and keep busy. Previous generations of retirees may have envisioned retirement as a relaxing, stress-free …


The Curtain Opens on 401(k) Fees

News from the web: The New York Times brings us a great story on the 401(k) fees that are sometimes very difficult to navigate and most people actually don’t even know that they pay fees on their 401(k) investments. Time to delve into it! Read the whole story more