Introducing the Learning in Retirement Association

News from the web: When you think of retirement, does learning about biostatistics, astronomy or the theremin come to mind? Maybe not, but for more than 135 members of the Learning in Retirement Association (LIRA), those just scratch the surface of activities and interests available to pursue. Read the whole …


Hire a retiree

News from the web: Lots of people have retired early, some voluntarily, some due to the economic crisis and then you have all the join people who have come back from active military service. Some companies are proud to hire from this target group. We encourage the hiring of our …


Rising Health Costs

News from the web: Monywatch features a story about how to deal with the rising costs of health care. From encouraging to stay healthy through helping with sorting out the savings accounts to suggesting to stay working, it is all in the below article. Read the whole story more

Fun with the grandchildren

News from the web: Here is an article about how to have fun with the grandchildren. The key seems to be to keep them busy but how to do that may be a whole other matter. Some seniors are natural and spend their retired life with an active lifestyle and …