Exercise in retirement

Retirement; News from the web: You need to exercise in retirement. No we are not talking about exercising some of your stock-options but we are talking about your body, as exercising will reduce the changes of heart disease to a great extend. The smart people in University College in London have done the research …


Classes to stay active in Retirement

Retirement; News from the web: We all know that it is good to stay active when in retirement but how? A study by the National Institute on Aging found that seniors who maintain an active lifestyle, physically, mentally and socially, remain independent longer, feel more fulfilled and experience an improved quality …


Retirement, 6 ways to stay active

Retirement; News from the web: The good folks over at the shopper online, list six ways to stay active during their retirement. The obvious recommendations but always a great reminder for all of us. You need to plan, not just your financials but also your activities. Suddenly you have 10 …


There is more to Retirement than just finances

Retirement; News from the web: There are a host of issues related to retirement. The loss of self, the loss of a social environment, the worries about not being able to be productive again. As they say, retiring is not a change but a transition. Read the whole story more

The case about Mutual funds for your retirement

Retirement; News from the web: If you fund, part of, your retirement by having holdings in mutual funds, it is good to read the story that we link to today. It is from Mercury news and they make a few good points to clarify who controls what and who makes …