Inflation and your retirement

Retirement: News from the web: This should be simple, if your retirement income does not grow, but the good and services you buy become more costly because the value of our currency goes down, you’ll have to spend more. Time to make some choices. Read the whole story more

Retirement is not like having a month off work

Retirement: News from the web: Read the story in the WSJ from a woman who retired but found out it wasn’t at all as she had imagined. We at RetiredResources can only attest to this. Plan, think ahead, make choices and enjoy! Read the whole story HERE visit …


Sick and want to retire? Or sick of retirement?

Retirement: News from the web: There’s a school of thought that says that if you want to stay healthy during your retirement years, you’re better off not retiring at all. Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart voiced that opinion this week in a question-and-answer session with Encore’s Anne Tergesen and other reporters; asked what …


Going back in time!

Retirement: News from the web: According to Wharton School professor Olivia Mitchell, the trend toward working longer is actually a return to the realities of the early 1900s, before the advent of Social Security and what we now consider the “old-fashioned” plans that pay monthly benefits for life. Read the …


The government needs our experience

Retirement: News from the web: The government has lost a staggering 10.000 years of experience every day since January 1, 2013! This pretty shocking statistic can be found on a webpage that keeps a ticker with the supposed actual count of lost government experience. Companies are going through the same …


It all starts at retirement

Retirment: News from the web: Did you know that retirees are three times fitter than the working population and they take on average three vacation per year? You should join those ranks quickly, if you are retired but not yet tired, this is your opportunity. Read the whole story more

Boomers do you know how to stay healthy?

Retirement: News from the web: Remarkably enough Boomers would love to make healthy choices but seem to have challenges in knowing how. This goes back to the debate I have with my wife, she will go for food that is more

Retired Resources ever more needed

Retirement: News from the web: With boomers leaving the work place the question is if employers are ready to replace the knowledge and know how they take with them. This is why opportunities exist for people who are Retired but not yet Tired, to hit the ground running and provide …