This Retirement advice never gets old

Retirement: News from the web: We have seen it so many times before but here yet again some great reminders about how we need to plan for our retirement such that we don’t end up without the means to maintain our active Retirement in the later years. Read the whole …


Differences come out in Retirement

Retirement: News from the web: One couple I came across in my career had some major trouble after the man retired. He was sitting in his livingroom while his wife was cleaning/dusting. She lifted the side lamp on a table and dusted the table, then put the lamp back and …


Defining Retirement

Retirement: News from the web: “I woke up this morning with nothing to do and by the time I went to bed I was only half done.”   This has got to be one of the best lines defining retirement. Read the whole story HERE visit us at:  more

Retirement but then different

Retirement: News from the web: Bob Lowry has published about different ways to enjoy your retirement. Maybe you have some dreams yourself too. We are all different and some want to stay active in Retirement where others prefer to relax or travel some. If you are not yet retired, this …


They moved Retirement, just as I was due

Retirement: News from the web: The higher life expectancy compared to the life time of, say, my grandparents, has also shifted the notion of Retirement. We already know here on this blog that we are Retired but not yet Tired, but apparently that goes for the population as a whole …


Downsize in retirement?

Retirement: News from the web: One of the question for many retirees is if they will downsize or if they will hang on to the family home to continue to be able to house all kids with their families. Difficult question. You don’t want to pay property tax and utilities …