Stay with your own in Retirement

Retirement: News from the web: Read up on how the community of retirement resorts adapts to the new generation of retirees and where you need to go for the environment that you would like in your retirement years. Read the whole story HERE visit us at:


Best active retirement destinations report is out

Retirement: News from the web: The website publishes a report on a regular basis with destination to go and visit for an active Retirement. We all know how important it is to stay active in Retirement. Not just mentally but also physically. It will lower your health costs and …


Why do we expect retirement at 65

Retirement: News from the web: In this age of healthy eating and active seniors the question is why we expect to retire at age 65. The physical reasons that our grandparents had to retire have been eliminated for a large part by the improved health care and healthy lifestyle choices. …


Don’t slow down in Retirement

Retirement: News from the web: “Being active in retirement is beneficial for emotional, mental and physical health,” said Dr. Catherine Palisch, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor. “People who are more active and continue to pursue their interests tend to be happier and healthier in their retirement years.” Read …


It is not all about the money in retirement

Retirement: News from the web: Here at RetiredResources we all know that it is not always, and mostly not, about the Money in Retirement. It is all about staying active and engaged and healthy so you can live that dream that you have been waiting for! Read the whole story  more