Where to retire

THIS city in Florida wants to attract seniors and advertises with their village for pensionados.


Keep active till almost 100!

Munk’s official biography says he retired from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. But the reality is different. After his morning swim, the 98-year-old Munk often works for the rest of the day, and he will give you a puzzled look if you ask him why. Read all about him more

Winter tips

From the good people at retirenet.com a nice LIST with wintertips for seniors!


Bloodpressure now down to 120?

This is not a medical blog but for our active Retirees THIS article may be of importance. Staying active and healthy is very important in Retirement so we always try to pass on relevant headlines.


Senior planet

Here is a great site you may be interested in. In their own words: Online since 2006 and relaunched in fall 2012, SeniorPlanet.org celebrates aging by sharing information and resources that support aging with attitude, and helps people who were born long before the digital revolution to stay …