Retired and on vacation

Yes you can be retired, but not yet tired, and deserve a good vacation. CBS money watch finds a couple of good places for you HERE


Video games and your retirement

The teenagers who were hooked on Pac-Man in the arcades and amusement parks of the early 1970s are getting ready for retirement, but many of them have never stopped playing video games. In fact, it doesn’t look like they are going to stop gaming anytime soon. Read the story more

Fact and Fiction

As usual the reality is NOT what the current youth are thinking about retirement. The Bank of America decided to investigate and wrote a report on it. See the major outcomes HERE.


Retired but not yet Tired

Nancy Welz Aldrich once stood before a roomful of men who laughed at the notion of a woman learning to fly an airplane. So the single mother of two did the only thing that came naturally to her: she proved them wrong. Read the story HERE


Be prepared! You will enjoy it so much more

So as part of your preparation for the life after the career you may want to make a profile sooner rather than later, so you can start being available for potential project work at potential employers companies. Start today it is free for job seekers.


Profit or non profit, you choose

The nice thing about being registered with Retired Resources is that you as a job seeker can decide to react to any offers made by potential employers or not. Your choice! When you have lived in corporate jobs all your career you may want to switch to the non profit …