Why 40 hours a week?

There really is no reason that we work 40 hours a week. My grandfather would happily work about 60 hours a week, same for my dad, and I’ve done my share of making the hours. So there really is also no reason to retire at age 65, in fact most …


Stay happy after retirement

HERE are a number of recommendations to stay happy after retirement. I’m saying STAY happy because it is not something that is necessarily related to retirement at all. We should all strive to become happy and so every one, not just our Retired Resources can read the more

Your garden can save your life!

We all know, or should know by now, that your health is of prime importance while being a Retired Resource to the world. Well if you are not the sporty type and don’t like to do crunches or workouts how do you stay in shape. THIS article has …


Some people overdo their retirement

Chill folks, some people, in an effort to stay healthy, take on so many different activities post retirement that they get stressed out!! Take it easy, join our network of experienced talent and choose from the opportunities that are available.


More work than during your career

You remember at the office, the days you did some reading, some meeting and took it easy for the rest of the day? Well in retirement when you stay active, you can find yourself pretty busy, even more so compared to your corporate career. Enjoy! It is a blessing as …


You are not looking for a job in retirement

You are probably looking for a great way to stay active and socially involved, while helping others and passing on the knowledge and experience you have built up over the years. Well you are the perfect addition to our network for experienced talent. Sign up today, it is …