Fare is what you pay to ride the bus

Some people say it isn’t fair that young folks run around complaining about having to go to work while older experienced people want to work but get ignored by young recruiters only looking for cheap young up and comers. Well fare  is what you pay to ride the bus, so …


Believe in yourself

Even if no one seems to believe in you or give you an opportunity, continue to believe in yourself. You are not the product of their disbelief in your capabilities, you are the product of your education, knowledge, experiences, skills and capabilities. It has not changed since you left your …


And you thought this was easy?

Wow, look HERE, no less than 10 things to consider before moving into a retirement community. Meanwhile, take your time to join our network for experienced talent for free! Recruiters, looking for experienced people, can also join the fun and register as a partner company. For one of the …


What does active actually mean?

Well that seems like and easy question but HERE in this thread, folks are debating actively doing things versus going out and watching others do active things.  Either way, you are welcome here at the network for experienced talent. Make a profile and see what opportunities companies can …


Bucket list: become a tv host, here is your opportunity!

Senior citizens who move to Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville, Maryland, have a chance to start new careers in television. No matter what they did before retiring, they’re encouraged to participate in creating a range of programs broadcast on channel 972, a closed circuit 24-hour TV station. Their active participation …


Never stop dancing!

Well never say never but keep dancing. It is wonderful what this can do for your physical and emotional health and you know you need it when getting over the worries of a day’s work and/or when getting older and not being so active in the gym anymore. more