4 Signs You’re Becoming a Grumpy Old Retiree

We made it through youth, journeyed across the field of middle age, and are entering the next phase vaguely referred to as older age. Having taken our lumps and survived numerous tribulations along the way, we feel we are entitled to our opinions, whatever they may be. It is even possible that on occasion we may act a little irrationally or perhaps move too hastily to anger. It is all part of the aging game. But at what point are we no longer entertaining and instead becoming nothing more than grumpy old retirees? Here are four telltale signs you’ve evolved into a grumpy senior:

The car horn is overused. When someone ahead of you is driving too slowly, you honk your horn. If another driver has an unexpected turn without warning, you hit the horn again. And woe the dallying driver who does not shoot through the…….

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