Baby boomers worry about retirement funds

Many baby boomers aren’t satisfied with their financial situation and their anxieties about retirement have worsened, a survey found.

About 38 percent of boomers — ages ages 50 to 64 – said they’re not confident they’ll have enough income and assets to last through their retirement years, while about 53 percent said they believed they would have enough, the Pew Research Center poll found.

In 2009, by contrast, about 26 percent of boomers said they worried they wouldn’t have enough resources for retirement, compared with 74 percent who said they would.

The survey found among Gen X — ages 30 to 44 — about 47 percent worried they would come up short for retirement, compared with about 53 percent who expected to be fine. In 2009, about 26 percent of Gen Xers said they worried they wouldn’t have enough to get through retirement.

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