Find the person who wants a second career

Once you have served your company for 25 or so years, you may either want to change to a different environment, change to a different part of the country and continue a career there or just change careers and apply some transferable skills to the new job. Recruiters and companies

socially active in retirement is good for your health

From the chief medical officer of the UK a great quote: staying in work – as a volunteer, in paid employment or as part of a community group – helps older individuals stay physically and mentally active for longer. The health benefits, she added, “cannot be overestimated”.

Take care of your friends in retirement

Read the story about how important it is to grow old with friends. So put on your todo list for this month to take care of your finances, take care of your health and reacquaint yourself with some old friends. It should not be too hard in this age

Study about phased retirement

Here is some interesting information: A study of 14,400 active and 1,600 retired employees conducted by Transamerica’s Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement found that:

  • 55 percent of employees age 55 and older want to retire gradually.
  • Only 27 percent say that their employers offer the ability to

It won’t feel like work

As you have done your regular career you move into a situation where you can finally start doing things that you feel good about and although it doesn’t feel like work, it still helps out other people and if you help other people, you get paid. It may take a

Love your garden

OK in my working years I have really not paid any attention to my garden. Now in the years that I can plan my time a bit better, I am happy to use my garden as my gym and stay fit! The only thing with working from home and in

Did you know Bismarck invented pension?

“Retirement was invented in 1889 in Germany by chancellor Otto von Bismarck, so it was invented not too long ago,” He said, “if you are 65, arbitrarily making up that number, and you are infirm, so you were also sick, you could leave the workforce and get some money from

Sons in Retirement

HERE is the site from the Sons in Retirement, seems you won’t be bored when you join them!

Go ahead, make a plan

When you are nearing the time to start planning your farewells to the company that you have been with for many years, you need to do more than just plan your farewell party. Make sure you keep in contact with people you have cared about for so long and probably