Wanna work in your retirement

Maybe you want to add to the retirement income, or maybe you want to share the wealth of information you have acquired during your career. You maybe passionate to help out startup companies who need your expertise, or you just want to stay busy. Whatever the reason, we are here

New generation housing!

Check out the new building style that mixes generations in order to prevent Elderly Islands. You can find all about it HERE

Making some extra $ after Retirement

A great group of smart students from The Brenham Community Center in Texas, has helped us by finding a good resource. It is a webpage with lots of opportunities to make some additional money to add to the retirement check. We thank the students for their referral! You can find

Or you just don’t retire…..

It now seems that working beyond the retirement years keeps people involved, active, happy and healthy. See the surprising data from the AARP 2016 survey and the article HERE