Done with your taxes?

Well if you got a huge refund did that trigger you into retirement? or when faced with the disappointing results of your finances, does that encourage you to find a retirement job here in our network for experienced talent? Come join us, make a profile, it is free for job

So is it a dramatic change to retire?

Well, humans don’t like dramatic changes. It is not how we roll as a species. So don’t make it a dramatic change but phase into your leisure years slowly and continue to interact with the world around you and contribute your wealth of knowledge and experience but now without the

How does Equador sound to you?

Not a bad word about living and enjoying life in Equador HERE on this site. Well, think about it. It will give your friends and family a vacation spot to go to, you’ll save some money, they seem to be active there, what is there not to like?

Fare is what you pay to ride the bus

Some people say it isn’t fair that young folks run around complaining about having to go to work while older experienced people want to work but get ignored by young recruiters only looking for cheap young up and comers. Well fare ┬áis what you pay to ride the bus, so