Changing identity, relationship with spouse retirement challenges

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“Many people dream of a leisurely life on the golf course or fishing along the bank of a trout stream, but then find that the routine wears thin over time,” he discusses.

It’s “time to let that social or helping ‘animal’ out of his or her cage, to envision a life where you are helping others, serving in public office or interacting more with others,” Williams suggests of fulfilling ways to spend new-found leisure time.

Then, it’s wise to “practice” retirement a little before it happens. Begin doing some of these alternative pursuits “in small ways” to see if you really like them as much as you thought you would.

The final hurdle is a change in the relationship with your spouse. “When you are fully engaged in farming, you may have hectic schedules and may be going in different directions-to the point where you have little contact or little genuine communication with your spouse,” says Williams. “This may be a wonderful opportunity to improve your relationship with your spouse. You can start by sitting down over a cup of coffee…and discussing your hopes and goals for a life that involves less farming.”

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