How to Retire in the French Countryside on a Budget

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One corner of France is so tucked away that even the French find it hard to place on a map. The Béarn region has a long and colorful history, from Roman times to the Renaissance to the days of Belle Époque and then Art Deco. This lovely region is often overlooked by foreigners, even though the locals are very welcoming of newcomers.

This land of rolling wooded countryside, friendly people, anddelicious wines and food is also notable for another reason: It qualifies as one of the most appealing and affordable retirement choices in all of France. This is a region of France where a retiree on a budget of as little as $2,500 per month could consider settling down to enjoy the best of French country life.

The Béarn region is the birthplace of a great French king and a one-time seasonal favorite locale for royalty of all nations. It was once named as “the center of the sporting world,” and is home to the first-ever Grand Prix and the Wright Brothers’ flying school.

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