I am ecstatic, I am retired!

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I attend concerts on Sundays without having to worry about a first hour class on Monday! I’m even more thrilled that I can stare at my roof doing nothing.

Retirement means many things to many people at different stages of their lives. In my growing years it meant loss of an income, gain of pension (of course, substantially less), loss of respect, bleak days with no time schedules, wait for meals while the fortunate ‘workers’ received all the luxuries and what not. So when retirement hit the first member in my family when he turned 58, it spelt doom. For one, I kept hearing of this ‘event’ one year before it actually happened. And when it did happen, there was gloom.

By the time the next one was in line, three years later, I began to anticipate a similar atmosphere. Fortunately, the next member saw a life after retirement and began to involve himself in diverse activities, but the demands for a thriftier lifestyle continued. “Switch off fans and lights… I’ve retired, you know,” “bus fares have gone up…walk, it’s a good exercise,” “you have too many clothes, there’s no festival coming up, after all I’m a pensioner.” “What do you need pocket money for?” The list went on….

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