Ignoring the 50+ Market, Businesses Open the Door for Their Competitors, Expert Warns

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How is society unprepared for older adults? “Let me count the ways,” Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) said today in his keynote address at the 10th annual International Council on Active Aging Conference here.

“One, older adults themselves are ill-prepared for retirement, as many recent surveys have shown. Two, the workforce is not prepared for those who are staying longer, or who are leaving, whether because of mandatory retirement, ill health, or to start new businesses or careers. Three, the healthcare system lacks the level of staffing and expertise to easily accommodate large numbers of older adults—particularly those seeking preventive services rather than treatments. Four, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization have noted that most cities around the world aren’t conducive to older adults’ remaining active, vital members of society.”

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