Impact of the Boomers: Pros and Cons

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USA Today recently ran a series entitled “Senior Moment—Boomers Turn 65.” One particular article was titled, “Tired of the Baby Boomers.” It appears that some of the other generations are beginning to wonder if those darn Boomers will ever leave the building. One interviewee was quoted, “Boomers have certainly sucked up a lot of cultural oxygen.” That’s certainly a new way of looking at it.

It is, however, very interesting that other generations (while very much tired of hearing about the Boomers), readily admit the influence they’ve had on society. Such as:

  • 52% say Boomers have made things better for the generations that came after, while 39% say they’ve made things worse.
  • 57% describe Boomers as “giving,” while 37% describe them as “selfish.”
  • 54% say the better word to describe this generation is “practical,” while 41% say “idealistic.”

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