Is there life after work?

Once you go to work for Uncle Sam, there are only three ways out: You can quit (or get fired). You can retire. Or, you can have the last laugh and be carried out by coworkers who, in life, wouldn’t give you the time of day.

For some people, retirement is everything they hoped for. Sleeping late, no traffic jams, travel, exercise. The only issue is why-didn’t-I-do-this before. For others, it is as disappointing as Kim Kardashian’s all too brief marriage or the surprising social life of Justin Bieber. Not what we expected! Start with the issue of health insurance …

When it comes to picking a health plan, federal and postal retirees typically have a tougher time than still-working colleagues. Often their medical needs are greater, their income is reduced and they are (or feel) out of the information loop.

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