Learn, Earn and Return in Retirement

For most people their life path goes through the cycles Learn, Earn and Return.

You start of by learning both in your personal life, in school and in your first jobs. Once you become valuable enough for companies to start paying you at  higher levels you begin to earn and usually that is also the period in your life where higher costs are facing you. Eventually you will enter a period where you can ease off and start to return to society the value that society has generated in you. It can be done by sharing wealth and ownership or by sharing knowledge and experience.

geschäftsleute beraten sich

Some people find opportunities for the return phase outside their regular jobs in volunteering work, associations, non-profits or charity organizations.

Many people have joined us at the network for experienced talent and use RetiredResources as one of the options to find opportunities in the return phase of their lives.

Registration is always free for jobseeker and you can create your own profile to let our partner companies know what you are interested in and what you can offer in terms of experience and knowledge.

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