Prepare to retire at University

Retirement is a whole new phase in anyone’s life. It is totally different from what you have done before. Retirement comes in many shapes, forms and fashions though. Some like to travel, others take care of their grandchildren, still others go back to school to pursue a dream that was never fulfilled and then some choose to continue life in productive roles, joining the Retired Resources, retired but not yet tired, and REGISTER with us.bigstockphoto_Happy_Senior_Couple_838945

What ever you do, it will be a huge change and you should prepare thoroughly for it. Many aspects need to be considered, financial, housing, medical, mobility, taxation, estate planning etc.

In Malta they have recognized that this is serious business and so they have designed a course, at the university of Malta, that will help people phase into this new part of their life.

The format will be a series of lectures with discussions so people can exchange ideas and tips.

Read all about it HERE

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