Professor writes book about age-restricted communities

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Today, there are hundreds of age-restricted communities around the country, but their history starts in the West Valley with the growth of Youngtown and Sun City.

Judith Ann Trolander, a history professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and author of “From Sun Cities to The Villages: A History of Active Adult, Age-Restricted Communities,” delivered a lecture at the Fairway Branch Library last week on that same subject, with an emphasis on Del Webb’s Sun City, Arizona.

“When I was teaching my students, I had to explain to them what an age-restricted community was,” Trolander joked.

There are conflicting numbers about how many retirees are interested in living in age-restricted communities. Del Webb studies estimate it to be about 30 percent, while AARP studies show that the number is about 10 percent. Trolander said she thinks that number is probably squarely in the middle at about 20 percent.

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