Retired Seniors Stay Active with Engineering in ‘Man Cave’

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Morty is a radio controlled, talking, walking, or more precisely, rolling robot.

It’s creator is Al Ladine, a retired engineering physicist at Irvine’s Atria Woodbrige Senior Center.

“It just started out with a design in my head you might say,” Ladine said. “I wanted to start building some of these prosthetic devices. And I thought, well I’ve always needed something in the means of testing them. So I thought well, nothing better than a robot.”

Made of out ply wood and plastic pipes as its basis, Morty is just one of the many creations in Ladine’s ‘Man Cave,’ an outlet that’s special to many male seniors at Atria Woodbridge.

“It’s basically a good outlet for expression for one thing,” Ladine said.

The ‘Man Cave’ serves as an active pastime for retirees at Atria Woodbrige. Senior Rodney Hoff has been involved for a year now and says it adds excitement to this retirement.

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