Retirement can be good, or bad

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The other day, I read an article that was headed: ‘Those recently retired should get a job to combat killer loneliness’, which went on to say that pensioners should go back to work because loneliness is more deadly than smoking! I agree with this entirely and see many clients after the age of retirement who complain that they are bored and lonely.

Will this scenario be the same for all of us, eventually? We all know that when we are busy and seeing other people, any pain we may have seems less and loneliness can be at the core of many problems that appear to be exacerbated if one is alone. The answer is that when you retire you need to keep busy. It may be beneficial to take-up a part-time job, volunteer to help in a charity, learn a new hobby or start a new business. Many people I know work voluntarily in various hospitals, helping with meals or distributing books. If you have worked all of your life and have skills and experience, then think about becoming a mentor to a student who would appreciate your support and learning your skills. There are many options available to you and you need to be pro-active to give you a reason to get up in the morning. One thing is for certain, our minds needs to be stimulated, otherwise they deteriorate and go ‘flat’, like a bottle of cola from last week.

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