Retirement can get old very fast

Vancouver commercial real estate broker David Goodman says he just needs the “aggravation” in his life, his code word for work.

“I don’t mean aggravation in a flippant way. I’m talking about the adrenalin,” says Mr. Goodman, a principal at HQ Real Estate Services Ltd., who has 40 years in the property business, the last 10 teaching the ropes to his son, Mark.

Mr. Goodman says it was his father, a Montreal accountant who kept working until his 80s and held on to one last client for the aggravation, that taught him the lesson.

“I could retire [financially],” says Mr. Goodman, who admits by late afternoon sometimes feeling fatigue from a nine-hour working day. “I’ll probably phase out slowly. I like to golf but I don’t want to do it every day. I wouldn’t mind working four hours a day.”

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