Retirement is not a word in my vocabulary

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As baby boomers age, they are challenging the idea of retirement. Boomers are enjoying healthier lives as medical technology intervenes with the onset of aging. Some prefer to continue working because they are finally at the top of their position’s salary level. Many have valuable skills that have not been passed on to the next generation. Certainly the stock market collapse in 2007 caused many retirement portfolios to look so bleak that the idea of retirement became a dream. Whatever the reason, it appears that boomers are shunning voluntary retirement and continuing to work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claim the number of seniors in the labor force has increased 60%, and estimates say that by 2018, 11 million workers will be 65 or older, up from 6.5 million today.

Dental hygiene is no different. Although physically demanding, some hygienists find continued career happiness working well past retirement age. Irma Morrison, RDH, has been a hygienist for 55 years, and at age 75 is still practicing part-time and volunteering one day a week at the local hospital. Here is her remarkable story in her own words.

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