Retirement planners often need a Negative Nelly on their team

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Surveys find that 92 percent of those who worked beyond the traditional retirement age of 65 do so because they want “to stay active and involved,” and 86 percent say they “enjoyed working.” As a result, people should take care in the decision to retire, because once you do retire, it’s hard to land another job. While I did not say that people should not retire, I do agree with the emailer that people shouldn’t feel guilty for retiring. In fact, in my previous career as a financial adviser, I worked hard to help hundreds of clients retire or to have the opportunity to work less.

But making retirement a viable option can mean deferring gratification at some points in your life, or having to make tough decisions in others. The emotions around these choices can be daunting and may even lead people to the wrong conclusions, which is why so many hire financial advisers.

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