The benefits of staying active

Read THIS story about someone who managed to find a great position to stay active after retiring from regular work.

Many people are Retired but not yet Tired. An age is a pretty inaccurate measure to decide that someone should leave work and go sit at home. Some people have back breaking work and really should take it easy at an earlier stage, some have work that is not physically demanding and can be done until way after the 65 years of age mark.

Why can a Pope or a Chinese leader be called YOUNG when they start their position at age 75?

Often we are our own worst enemies. ¬†Instead of creating a career that starts easy, to get experience, moves up sharply, to get your ambitions satisfied, then levels off, to gain experience and deliver the best on a consistent basis, to finally move slightly down when training others and passing on experiences become both necessary and a great option to slowly move out of the heat of the everyday demanding jobs. No we don’t do that, we start by charging the career hill and continue until we are forced by physical or political realities to slow down and move out. Sometimes rather abrupt.

It is important to stay active so prepare for it. Look at your career and consider your options. You don’t have to take action overnight, plan it for now and talk about it with some friends.

They say often that your life has three phases, Learn, Earn and Return. We all live through the Learn and Earn phases but we are usually not that good at the return phase planning.

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