Volunteer Options in Retirement

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Many retirees are interested in donating their time to help out a worthwhile cause. With time available to focus on things they are interested in, volunteering is a natural fit for many retirees. Ideally, some of the skills learned while active members of the working world can be transferable to new efforts.

However, the unfortunate reality is that many retirees end up doing mundane chores that do not utilize the experience and knowledge they have developed over their life and career. With so much real world experience to share and a genuine interest in doing so, it can be frustrating to be underutilized and saddled with mere busy work. Helping out where help is needed is certainly valuable. But boring chores that fail to make use of real skills do not offer a mutually beneficial relationship to retirees who are looking to lend a helping hand. Here are some tips for finding a volunteer position that is a good fit:

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