Volunteers needed for documentary film

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Would you like to be featured in a documentary film? The producers of a student documentary, entitled “Retirement USA,” are filming at Laguna Woods Village and are looking for volunteers to interview about their retirement experience. Do you have a story to tell?

Please leave a message for Professor Tomas Crowder at Soka University for more details, 480-4327 or by email at: tfcrowdertaraborrelli@soka.edu

As a result of the current state of both the national and global economies, many people are now choosing to retire later and later in life. In addition, several recent academic publications have suggested that, due to the changing economic climate, the current working-age generation will be the last to enjoy a traditional retirement. This project, titled Retirement USA, is a short film examining how retirement is changing in contemporary America. It is the goal of this short documentary to examine both the idea of retirement as a milestone in one’s life, as well as document the personal stories of current retirees.

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